Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a scifi game made by FunCom.

How long will it be before I find a scifi game that doesn't wind up just boring me to tears?

Anarchy has a long history, and it shows - the game looks like it was designed in the middle part of the 90s, and guess what! More Boring Humans! This time, they come in Bland, Nimble, Techie and Thump Grabhard flavors! It offers a wide variety of classes, which amount to very little, since you start the game on a horrendously-rendered beach, with directions that look like someone decided to resurrect the old Commodore system, and a skill tree that looks like it would need a four-part university course at MIT to properly navigate!

A game with spacey stuff, which means that you wander around this island, next to a nondescript metal building and are harassed by the wildlife, the local robots, or get frenched by the local facehugger population. And look, there's a refinery, which make no bloody difference at all, since you aren't likely to be refining anything.

An unrefined game with a refinery that doesn't actually do any refining?


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