Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Sword 2

Sword 2 is a fantasy MMORPG set in a Regency-period world from GamersFirst.

Graphically, this game's pretty nice, it's a pretty long download, using a third-party download software *coughcoughPandocough*. Pando is notorious for just sitting active and more or less invisible unless one is going to look for it either among your programs (Sword 2 doesn't really make it clear that it's using Pando, just their own stay-in-memory program called GamersFirst, what a concept) or among the tasks viewable from your Task Manager. yes, I had to figure out where all of my bandwidth was going after first using this game, and oh look, Pando liked my computer so much, it decided to share it with the rest of the Internet! Thanks, Pando!

As regards the actual game, the customization options are next to nil. You're playing in a world that is more or less parallel to our own, and as such, you get humans and lots of them. There aren't any gender restrictions, and the graphics are actually pretty good, though I admit the setting made me start wishing I was going to run into Black Adder's incarnation from this period. but alas, no snark, no loony princes (so far) and thankfully, no walking pile of stench named Baldrick.

The combat system is simple enough: point, click and repeat.

Then all of a sudden a mission I chose had me in an instance.

And all of a sudden, the team I had created were all acting like mindless zombies, not attacking or moving together any longer.

And they got seperated and killed!


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